• Lil Sweet Vengeance


Lil Sweet Vengeance

Lil Sweet Vengeance



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Standing at 32" tall, this static dreadful doll prop has fade-on/off light-up eyes and says one of three 9-second phrases with each activation of her motion/light sensor (While you stayed away, I could tolerate you. Now that you are here you better be afraid!, Crows and maggots picked at my flesh, not fun. It is an experience I hope to share with you., Your living happiness sickens me. Hell hath no fury like a little girl scorned.) Perfect addition to any haunted house. Easy quick-connect push-button assembly, poseable arms, requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).
Box Dimensions (in Inches)
Length : 18.00
Width : 10.00
Height : 8.00